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American Bedrock


American Bedrock: Ten Values on which Our Nation was Founded  is a short read booklet of 52 pages that acquaints or reminds a person of the values the Founders felt were essential when they established the United States of America. The booklet is ideal not only for individuals, but also for organizations and candidates who desire an information tool to help advance their message of Liberty and conservative values.

The content is enhanced by enlightening quotes from the founding fathers making the booklet a true historic adventure. Some of the topics focus on are: Christian faith, Liberty, Purpose of Education, Limited Government, Rule of Law, Life and the First and Second Amendments.

A HE for CA booklet.jpg

 This booklet is very short (only 12 pages). It contains quotes from the Founders and important leaders of America's past that reveal our nation's strong ties to the Christian faith and why the Founder's always wanted it to be so.

A Word of God SJ_edited.jpg

This 16 page booklet reveal how the concept of social justice has been hijacked by the Left for political gain. It debunks systemic racism. It even takes on the issue of poverty and how Liberals have created more of it than they have eliminated. This is a great item to pass on the students. 

The above items are great for an organization or candidate to personalized to their cause or campaign and used as handouts. Candidate is now giving something out of value to the recipient beside just a campaign  brochure. The booklet can be obtained by purchasing a license to print them. The author will provide a PDF file of the text and a PowerPoint file of the cover. This will allow you to change the back of the cover however you wish with photos and text of your choosing. Please keep front of the cover as is. Once you receive the files you may contact an offset printer near you to make as many copies as you wish. You save big on shipping cost.

Cost: $200 License Fee per booklet 

Purchase by CASH APP or check

CASH APP "The Feaz"  -  Make checks payable to Steve Feazel

Send checks to: Steve Feazel

                           17930 Glen Road

                           Gambier, OH 43022

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