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Christian pollster, George Barna, reported that 75% of the people who make a decision for Christ do so between the ages of 12 and 24. This age group gets its information from screens, not the printed page. The Evangelical church is shrinking. It is not keeping up with population growth. We live in a new digital age, and the church that chooses not to use digital technology to reach the most responsive demographic to the gospel will do so at its own peril.


Many churches do not have a website and those who do often have poor content or fail to keep it up to date. Social media is an effective and inexpensive way to communicate a message, but many churches ignore this opportunity.

What this seminar will cover



● Why one is important ● How one can be easily created ● Design and content ● User friendly updating 


Social Media

● What it is ● The best option ● Effective use ● Integrity control



● Creating a mailing list ● Effective attachments ● Safe guards ● Alerts and newsletters via email


The Smart Phone

● The users ● What it can do ● The church connection

Other Digital Advantages

● Creating effective Word Documents ● Power up the Power Point ● Impacting with affordable videos


Hardware (Equipment)

● Computers ● Projection ● Video ● Lighting ● Audio


Worship Service Use

● Music ● Lighting ● Video ● Audio ● Personnel



● Cameras/Video ● Doors ● Alarms ● Personnel 


Internet Resources

● Beneficial sites ● Protective filters ● Effective searching

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