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Faith and the Life

Faith and the Life is a thorough five unit discipleship course totally on PowerPoint. It looks at the topics of Salvation, The Christian Life, The Spirit-Filled Life, The Christian Family, and The Church.


This is a digital product. The file of each unit is very large. When a purchase is made, the buyer will receive five emails which will deliver each unit separately.  Units may be purchased separately. The buyer needs to clearly state which units are desired and pay accordingly via CASH APP or check.

Cost: $3 for individual units for personal use     

$20 per unit for license for unlimited duplication or $100 for the complete course

CASH APP "The Feaz" Check: made out to Steve Feazel,send to 17930 Glen Rd, Gambier, OH 43022

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Unit 1: Salvation

This unit focuses on the attributes of God, the danger of sin, the atoning work of Jesus Christ and how faith is basic to salvation.  It shows how one can have the assurance of salvation


Christian Life

Unit 2 - Christian Life

This unit covers the topics of living in an evil world, obedience, prayer, the study of God’s word and stewardship.

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Unit 3 - The Spirit-Filled Life

The focus is on the Holy Spirit and his role in a believer’s life. Receiving the Holy Spirit as a second work of grace is explained.  The cleansing of inbred sin, a life of love and a life of power are studied. How our humanity interacts with the spirit-filled life is also examined.

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Unit 4 – The Christian Family

The family is a key dynamic to a quality life and is ordained by God. The topics of a Christian marriage, raising children in the home, providing Christian education in the home and sexual purity are all reviewed.

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Unit – 5 The Church

The purpose of the church and God’s design for the church are studied. A large amount of material is spent on spiritual gifts and their proper use in the ministry of the church. The last chapter of this unit is entitled, “The Local Church.” The church leaders will need to create this chapter so that it gives a clear picture of the local church’s ministry and mission. Suggestions are given to assist you in this.

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