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This discipleship course is very simplistic. It is designed to give a new Christians a quick overview to the essential areas of the Christian faith which will provide a basic knowledge for staying true to their commitment to Christ.

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Basic 7 is a simple course on Christian discipleship composed of seven short lessons of essential truths, which a new Christian needs to embrace and have become part of his or her life.  Each lessons features helpful scriptures which appear in bold print. The lessons are an introduction to the vital beliefs of the Christian faith. Students of this study should make it a personal goal to seek additional learning in these areas.



1. Salvation – reviewing the experience of repenting, receiving Christ and knowing his forgiveness

2. New Life – becoming a new person in Christ and living with a positive Christian character

3. Temptation – learning how to successfully  resist and not yield to temptation, so you can stay faithful to Christ

4. Personal Guide – learning that Jesus Christ has provided his Holy Spirit to guide you and how you can have the power of the Spirit work in your life

5. Consistent Connection– learning how to have daily personal contact with Christ in prayer and Bible study

6. The Fellowship Factor – discovering the importance  of belonging to a group of other Christians where love, service and accountability can be shared

7. Mission – learning how to serve Jesus in actions and ministries that touch the lives of others 

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