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As an author, Steve currently has two nonfiction book published and novels currently being marketed.  The three works are described below along with the three videos that are currently availble for purchase. He is producing a film on heroin in Ohio.


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Steve joined Rick Scarborough to write this book that serves as a call to action for Christians to defend biblical values in the political arena. The book focuses on the current key issues of the the day and provided practical recommendation on how churches and Christians can play an active role in bring America back to its moral heritage. The work is thoroughly documented it boldly covers the climate change hoax, the dangers of the LGBTQ movement with its promotion of transgender advancement in public school. Mike Huckabee wrote the Foreword.

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Steve and Gov. Mike Huckabee has collaborated on a bestselling book entitled, The Three Cs that Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution. The book presents the important principles of America's founding through documented history and sounds the alarm on how these principles of liberty and faith are now under attack. Sean Hannity wrote the Foreword. Click on the book cover to purchase.

Steve has teamed up with coauthor, Dr. Carol M. Swain a professor of Law and Political Science at Vanderbilt University. A relative morality is replacing long honored standards and moral absolutes, which were a vital part of the nation’s heritage. This moral erosion is ever increasing in our schools, our colleges, our entertainment media, our news media, and our halls of justice in a manner that is reshaping our culture by changing the values of our children. The purpose of this book is to alert those who treasure traditional values, especially parents, on how grave the situation is and to challenge them to take decisive actions to fight back for the sake of our children.

From the back cover

The Clock and the Prophecy tells the story of a twelve-year old boy, Lewis Tanner who encounters a magical grandfather clock that was owned by his grandfather passed down from his ancestor who fought in the American Revolutionary War. The clock is tied to the Oneida Nation, one of the very few tribes to side with the Americans during the Revolutionary War. Lewis’ best friend and neighbor, Emily Kovack, equal his age, helps him activate the clock that brings back Benjamin Franklin. Franklin has a mission to deliver a part of an Oneida artifact to its original place and fulfill a part of the prophecy of the Oneida Nation. Lewis and Emily are faced with challenges and personal dangers as they orient Franklin to life in the twenty-first century, conceal his identity and find a way to help him complete his mission. This book can now be purchased directly from the author via email request.

Angel of 

        the Jersey





Steve Feazel

In Angel of the Jersey, a young widow joins the efforts of a Continental Army officer to outwit the British in helping patriot soldiers and sailors escape from the prison ship, Jersey, during the American Revolutionary War.  The two share love and danger amidst their inspiring American patriotism. The novel is based on the true story of Elizabeth Burgin who is listed as a Daughter of the American Revolution. It is a little known fact that over 13,000 American patriots died as prisoners aboard the British prison ships during the American Revolutionary War, three times that of those killed on the battlefields.  One of the most notorious ships was the Jersey, referred to as “The Hell Ship.” This book project is before publishers.

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CPR for the Believer is a simple guide to a victorious Christian life.  It calls Christians to revitalize their personal relationship with Christ. The “CPR” letters stand for “Consistent, Persistent and Resistant.” When spiritual failure and apathy take place in a Christian’s life, it happens in one or more of these three areas. The book will reveal the need for Christians to have a consistent fellowship with Christ, be persistent in service to him when trials come, and be resistant to the temptation from Satan to give up or serve self. It reveals how to resuscitate your spiritual life. Click on the cover for purchasing instructions.

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Currently there is a heated debate in America’s political arena regarding capitalism and socialism. The liberal/progressive agenda advocates late term abortion, separation of church and state, the repeal of the Second Amendment, and supports many other changes and behaviors that are adverse to Christian values that the nation once embraced. This novel allows the reader to compare a socialistic nation and a capitalistic nation side by side and discover the core values of each. The book educates while it entertains. It sounds an alert that liberties once gained by the great sacrifice of many brave men and women could be lost if those who hold an anti-American ideology win power.



A Voice for Life

This video is a documentary about Melissa Ohden who survived an abortion in 1977.  She has been described as a walking miracle. She is now one of the most popular pro-life speakers in America. To learn more about the film and to purchase it go to: .

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